Meet Charlene Birky

Hi ~ I’m Charlene.

     or, when Mom was upset: “Charlene Babette!”

     or, to friends: “CharBabette”

I live in rural northeastern Oklahoma with my sweetheart of a man ~ we just celebrated 20 years of ‘wedded bliss’ (HA!) ~ where we’re soon going to be empty nesters after raising 3 children (and ourselves).

My childhood was interesting: at times, traumatic; at times, beautiful. I met Jesus at 9 years old ~ it was of my life. That God-story and His childhood for me shaped who I am today: a nomad with roots and legacy.

My early adulthood was memorably fleeting: at times, turtle-paced and calm; at times, hare-paced and chaotic. Looking back on His-story of those days, I see Him along the way ~ unfortunately, too often on the sidelines ~ thankfully always there.

I just recently entered this 40s decade where I’m learning new stages of follower (He has MORE ~ so much more ~ available now) and mother (adult children!?!?) and daughter (parents get OLD!) and companion (we’re getting old together).

I’m learning:

* I like to study His words

* I’m more political… and less conservative… than I thought

* this is NOT my favorite stage of parenting (some days I miss the terrible twos!)

* I really like to ~and CAN~ do that, like painting, crafting, off-roading, archiving

* His-story is memorable and beyond imagining and so much better than my story without Him

* legacy, both positive and negative, is sweet.


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