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Darkforce ~ Satan

My pastor has started a new series at church concerning Satan (Darkforce) and his current actions in the world. Scripture tells us he is trying to destroy us; he cannot stand it when we are living as God would have us live because that gives God the glory Satan so desires. He cannot stand it when we are in love with our Savior because our love for God makes Him happy, something Satan doesn’t want.

Pastor warned us that there would be attacks; Satan doesn’t like us to talk about him, to be aware of him, to be able to thwart him. Pastor was right. Satan does attack, and in my case, he has been attacking my mind (by far the most vulnerable part of myself). I may post the specifics of the attack, but for now, just know that the results of the attack were confusion, bitterness, anger, and frustration.


As my mind has been under attack, Scripture has come “out of nowhere” to encourage me ~ “the thoughts of a man may seem good, but they only lead to death”; “take every thought captive to Christ”; “be renewed by the transforming of your mind so that you may test and approve God’s will”.

After having the Pastor and his wife lay hands on me and pray over me, my mind this week has been at peace. I have been able to pray consistently on my hour drive to work; I have been able to regularly read God’s word; I have overcome the hurdle of priorities and been able to commit to a regular small group study with peace; and God has blessed me.

How has God blessed me? My daughters and I love to listen to Barlow Girl and Superchic[k]. We enjoy girl bands and the words and music are wonderful. Through a series of events that only God could have arranged (listening to Air1 when they advertised a Barlow Girl/Superchic[k] concert in Tulsa and offered 2 free tickets; getting David to enter the contest for me since I couldn’t from the school; winning the 2 tickets AT THE LAST MINUTE then having the man give me one more so I wouldn’t have to buy a 3rd ticket), my daughters and I get to go on a FREE date to listen to two of the best bands who not only glorify God through their songs but encourage girls/women to be girls/women of God. What an amazing God I love!

Which leaves me with one question from last Sunday’s sermon: how can I not do as God would have me do? After all that (plus more!), how can I put a knife in His back and twist it?