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Breath-Taking (Tres Romantique Part Deux)

“The king is enthralled by your beauty” (NIV, 1984).

As I’m writing about wanting to be breath-taking, as I’m recounting my evening of doubting my hubby’s motives and being remind of my Savior’s, this verse (Psalm 45:11), came to mind. It isn’t one I think of often. Maybe that’s because I don’t truly believe it – or maybe because I might become conceited – or maybe because it wouldn’t be so meaningful if it were overused.

Either way, it gets me every time I hear it or read it. Among my vast mess of papers and notes, I remember writing down my thoughts when I first heard this verse (thanks, Beth Moore). But, I’m glad I can’t find them – it makes this morning’s remembrance even more special.

Enthralled – what a word! Unfortunately, it isn’t used a lot any more. As I’m trying to define it for myself, I’m thinking –


I think in pictures, and I see a man standing still, mouth slightly open, with a small smile quirking the corner, as he stares intently, taking in every tiny detail of a painting.

And the Bible – the absolute truth – tells me that God looks at me like that because of my beauty.

I’ve tried to substitute smart for beauty, but that isn’t what captivates God.

I’ve tried to substitute talent for beauty; again, my talent isn’t what stuns God.

I’ve used hard work, ministry, and service to try to make up for what I think I lack, but god isn’t open-mouthed-in-awe about any of that.

He is enthralled with my BEAUTY! He says to me, “Gee, you’re pretty!” May I believe Him – wholeheartedly – and live accordingly.

“The King is wild for you.” (The Message)

“The King longs for your beauty.” (God’s Word)

“The King loves your beauty.” (New Century Version)

“For your Royal Husband delights in your beauty.” (New Living Translation)

“Let the King be enthralled by your beauty.” (NIV, 2010).