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Growing to Hear

Today, I’ve decided to try something new. I am linking up with The Gypsy Mama for the Five Minute Friday.  I am taking just 5 minutes to write what’s on my heart, to tell you what God is up to, without worrying about perfection.  No editing, to back tracking, no writing it on paper before I put it up here.  Just words freely flowing …

Today’s Prompt:  Growing


I’m growing up … and it’s painful at times … but I can’t help thinking It’s about time!

I’ve been a believer for 26 years and I’m just now learning things that I wish I had known since I was nine ~ since Jesus first loved on me and pursued me to Him.

I’m learning … eucharisteo … receiving a gift, giving thanks for the gift, and living a life of joy … in ALL things.

I’m learning … God talks to me ~ I can hear Him!

From Hearing God by Dallas Willard:

“When … two become one, they identify with one another, expanding their selves and their world. The beloved, who both loves and is loved, does not want to order the lover about; instead the beloved desires that the lover understand what is needed so that no orders are necessary. In this union of souls – in the conscious delight and rest in one another that is the highest and most exalted relationship possible between two persons – it is not right for one person to always tell the other what to do. And so it is in our union with God, a person both loving and beloved. He does not delight in having to always explain what His will is; He enjoys it when we understand and act upon His will. Our highest calling and opportunity in life is to love Him with all our being.”

I am His beloved – He is my beloved.





I live with my college sweetheart and our three lovely (most days) children. I'm still discovering divine relationship with my Savior ~ learning about parenting and marriage ~ trying to become what I'm meant to be. Join me ~ if you will ~ and walk this journey with me.

2 thoughts on “Growing to Hear

  1. WOW! Can I relate! Just the other day I was telling myself the same thing…..”It’s about time you started growing up in Jesus!” And I loved the quote about our highest calling being to love HIM with all of our being….so very true.

    Thank you! Your words blessed (and challenged!) my heart.

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