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The Greatest … Part 2

So, here’s my application of 1 Corinthians 13:

4 Love is patient with my students and my children and kind to my Punny Geek husband. Love is not jealous of other believers’ relationship with Jesus or with others or boastful of what I do well or proud of the work GOD is doing in my children 5 or rude to my family when I don’t get my way. It does not demand its own way as the only way. It is not irritable with interruptions or at family, and it keeps no record of being wronged no matter who hurt me or when I was hurt. 6 It does not rejoice about injustice even if the person irritates me but rejoices whenever the truth wins out and life is finally fair. 7 Love never gives up on myself or those I love, never loses faith in my God and His amazing, all-powerful, Abba Daddy-ness, is always hopeful for His imminent return and my gracious transformation, and endures in HIM through every circumstance no matter what.

I’ve already failed at some of this – but God loves me – He’s not surprised – and I’m not giving up.



I live with my college sweetheart and our three lovely (most days) children. I'm still discovering divine relationship with my Savior ~ learning about parenting and marriage ~ trying to become what I'm meant to be. Join me ~ if you will ~ and walk this journey with me.

One thought on “The Greatest … Part 2

  1. You cannot give up on the truth of life, our existence, and everything… The truth is love, it is the answer to every question. I’m not pretty enough! – love. I’m fat! – love. She called me a bitch – love. God, what do I do today?? Help me!! ——- LOVE. It is our very existence, we are created in his image, and he IS love and light, therefore we must accept this truth and know it will guide us to heaven.

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